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Customer Churn Predictor helps businesses monitor customer retention & predict customer churn. The platform uses predictive analytics to identify customers at risk of leaving, allowing businesses to take proactive steps to better engage & retain customers.









Improved Customer Insights

Customer Churn Predictor can provide businesses with valuable insights into their customers, enabling them to better understand their preferences and behaviors. This can help businesses make informed decisions about their marketing strategies and customer service, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help businesses identify potential opportunities for growth and expansion, enabling them to capitalize on those opportunities and grow their business.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

It can help businesses better understand their customer base, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts on customers that are likely to remain loyal and profitable. This can help businesses reduce the cost of acquisition for new customers, as they are only targeting customers that are likely to stay. Additionally, it can help reduce customer attrition, as businesses can take action to keep customers that are likely to churn.


Increased Business Revenue

Customer Churn Predictor can help businesses identify customers that are likely to leave and take action to keep them. By proactively addressing customer issues, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in increased revenue from those customers. Additionally, the tool can help identify opportunities to upsell or crosssell existing customers, further increasing revenue.

Here's What It May Look Like For You

Identify & Address Customer Dissatisfaction, Improve Customer Service, & Ultimately
Reduce Customer Attrition.

Customer Churn Predictor

For the given company, AXA Insurance, with a customer using health insurance for 1 year at age 25, medium income level, single, with 0 kids paying €350/month, and competitors being 15% cheaper than AXA on average and the customer highly satisfied (5) out of average churn for all customers last year of 5%, the objective approximate percentage range for customer churn would be 0-2%.

Customer Churn Predictor

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