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The perfect app for busy professionals who want to quickly get an overview of their emails and stay organized. Email Summarizer automatically reads emails and summarizes them into short, easy-to-understand text.









Create Instant Summaries From Emails

Email Summarizer is an AI based handy tool that can turn your long unread emails into quick readable summarized texts that are easy to understand and save a lot of your precious time. 

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Generate Focus Keypoints From Your Emails

Email Summarizer can help you generate focus key points from your emails by analyzing the content of the email and automatically summarizing the key points. This can help you save time by quickly extracting the main points from your emails.

Never Miss Anything Important

Our AI-based Email Summarizer can also help to identify important topics, people, and events mentioned in the emails, allowing you to find and reference relevant information quickly. This way, you will never miss anything that’s integral to your workplace tasks without having to make much efforts.

Stay Productive & Save Time For Better Things

Email Summarizer can help save time and stay productive by quickly providing a clear overview of emails in a single view. It can also summarize long emails into short, easy–to–read summaries, so users can quickly get the key points from emails and save time from reading long emails.

Here's What It May Look Like For You

Email Summarizer smartly adapts to your preferred mode of communication
and the environment provided by your emailing client.

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