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Abusive Language Detector

Create a safer and more inclusive online environment with our Abusive Language Detector. Our AI-powered tool uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to quickly analyze each customer review and identify any potentially offensive language. With this tool, businesses can maintain a safe and welcoming space for their users. Try our Abusive Language Detector now and see the difference.

Rich Feedback Suggester

Receive more detailed feedback from your customers with our Rich Feedback Suggester. Our AI model analyzes large datasets of star ratings and associated text feedback to accurately generate text feedback for new star ratings. With this tool, businesses can gather more detailed feedback and improve their reputation. Try our Rich Feedback Suggester now and experience the power of intelligent feedback.

AI review generator
AI Chatbot

Dynamic Survey

Streamline your customer feedback process and really close the loop with our Dynamic Survey. Our powerful AI-based end-to-end chatbot automates customer service processes and provides accurate and up-to-date information to customers. With our tool, businesses can streamline their customer feedback process and get more accurate results. Try our Dynamic Survey now and improve your customer experience.

Survey Question Suggester

Our AI-powered Survey Question Suggester is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their customer feedback process and obtain more accurate results. The tool uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to generate a variety of survey questions with multiple options based on your specific needs. With our Survey Question Suggester, you can save time and resources while still gathering valuable feedback from your customers.

automated ticket management

Intelligent Manager

Improve your customer support and response times with our Intelligent Manager. Our AI-powered tool automates the ticket allocation process by utilizing the latest AI algorithms to read through each ticket and assign it to the best-suited agent or team. With this tool, businesses can save time and improve their customer support. Try our Intelligent Manager now and see the difference.

Dynamic Dashboard

Simplify your data visualization process with our Dynamic Dashboard. Our AI-powered tool uses a single-line prompt to create stunning charts and diagrams that accurately represent your data in an easily digestible format. With our tool, you can save time and create powerful visuals to communicate your findings. Try our Dynamic Dashboard now and experience the power of intelligent data visualization.

AI-powered data visualization

Some More Value-Driven AI Solutions For Your Business

Give these quick applications a try to solve your problems on the go.


Coding Wingman

Write better code without worrying about any mistakes.

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Email Summarizer

Extract quick summaries & action points from your daily email stack.


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WP Content Wingman

Create content for your website in a super fast & reliable way with AI.


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Social Media SideKick

Smart writing assistant mobile app helping you write great content.


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Churn Predictor

Monitor Customer Retention & predict Customer Churn using AI.


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